LED Lighting Products

Clean energy efficient LED lights for use in offices, at home, industries, shopping malls etc.

LED Downlight Series img

LED Downlight Series

Turn-key lighting solutions for domestic and commercial applications.

LED Track Lights img

LED Track Light Series

LED Track Lights have a modern clean look with rigid tracks and streamlined directional heads. Each track head can be independently adjusted and focused. Complete track lighting kits provide you with a stylish ceiling track lighting system instantly.

LED Panel Lights img

LED Panel Light Series

Our LED Panel Light Series is a very popular luminaire for commercial lighting due to its design, light efficiency and smart functionality. The LED Panel Light Series consist of regular LED panels with high Lumen and low UGR, CCT changing LED panels, waterproof led panels, frameless led panels, Up or down emitting led panels, big size round led panels with recessed, surface mounted or pendant installation.

LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Light Series

Our LED Ceiling Light Series is elegant and slim with both emergency and mains luminaires. It allows for the same seamless profile to be used throughout an installation. Ideal for all projects where a high quality luminaire is required. Offering wide flexibility in lighting best suited to residential and commercial areas.

LED Tube Lights img

LED Tube Light Series

LED Tube Lights save more energy with a high brightness level. LED Tube lights are simple and practical with a high light transmittance. Used in shops, schools, hotels, warehouses, workshops etc.

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LED Spot Light Series

Create the right ambience with our dimmable LED spot light series.

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